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400+ Box Templates Can Be Redesigned With Parameters

The box template library is being continuously updated.   » Details

Each template in the library can be easily edited by changing its parameters. Input few parameters, get the rational carton box structure die line immediately.   » Details

Get 3D View In Seconds

Import an artwork to Packmage CAD, it will be converted to high quality 3D views in seconds. Use animated 3D view to watch your design from any angle, in any folding step and in any size.

3D, skeleton diagram and both white and color mode allow you to check both the structure and artwork of your design and quickly present it to your colleagues and customers.

» Details

Change Any 2D Drawing To 3D In Seconds

All the boxes in the library could show in 3D directly. Others need 2D-to-3D definition.

With a free drawing tool which is very suitable for drawing 2D structur of the boxes, you could design any 2D structure you want.

With a 2D-To-3D tool, you can change the 2D structure to 3D with YOUR the folding steps easily. The most important thing is that what you see is what you get - it is very direct and convenient.  » Details

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Quick die lie, easy 3D display. It will be much more perfect if it is possible to import 3D file. sample of box design
Tinco Bathroom Products Co.,Ltd.
Pan Wenqing(Packaging Designer)

Packmage able user to visualized designs that used as sample for client's specification. It able to show accuracy in printing dimensions of markings and shipping marks.

Gheit(Graphic Artist)
Tel:+63 9219668439

I really would like you guys to know what a wonderful dieline creating software you guys build. It makes our life a lot more easier.

We are a custom paper, corrugated packaging box manufacturer in Shanghai, China. Before we found this great tool, our designer used the AutoCAD and AI to create the dieline, which was very time consuming. Now we can create a perfect dieline template within minutes and send it to our client to put their print design. It makes us more professional and saves us time and money. Now we are using the trial version. We will order a yearly full license soon.

Shanghai DE Printed Box
Jane Wu - Marketing Manager

High efficiency, simple to use and accurate data.

A engineering drawing sample by Packmage CAD.

A engineering drawing sample of a box

Dongguanshi Guangfeng Packaging Materials Ltd.
Mr.Deng - Packaging Engineer



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